Posted on: January 16, 2020

I’d put off learning to drive for so long (I’m 30!) because I thought it was scary and I didn’t trust myself all too much controlling a large, fast moving object. I couldn’t be happier that I finally chose to give it a try and that I chose this driving school. The whole process of setting up the lessons was simple and straightforward. My instructor, Doug Povinelli was awesome! He’s one of the best teacher’s I’ve experienced learning from in any setting so far as a student. He’s very patient and level-headed. Never showed any outward signs of exasperation or distress when I made mistakes. I’d never driven before in my life and made all sorts of errors but he gave me great encouragement throughout and helped me stay relaxed. I felt more confident and comfortable behind the wheel following each session and I ended up with my license at the end of the Premium Package. It was hard to imagine that outcome after the first lesson, being so inexperienced and full of anxiety! Thanks for a great experience; it was money well spent! I feel the service really helped me on my way to becoming a good, safe driver.

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